Flashcards – Benefits

TinyGenius Flash cards app will stimulate your child’s hearing, sight and language development.


Before learning to speak the child must associate sounds and shapes to each object.

Without realizing it, we often make mistakes when we set to teach a child. Consider the image:

Avoid noise and distractions

Avoid noise and distractions

If we want to teach the child the concept of “cow” relying on that image, how will he know exactly which object we refer to? It is likely that other objects in the picture, such as the sun, the clouds, trees, will draw his attention creating confusion and hinder the learning process. This is why we should isolate the objects when teaching the child his first words.

TinyGenius offers fun, eye-catching photos and artwork so that children can easily understand and associate each word and sound with the right object.


Research indicates that a baby’s eyes are not fully developed after birth so they can not perceive the values and intensities of colors. As they grow, some children may show emotion at the sight of a certain color.

The illustrations in the cards have been drawn with pure, bright colors to stimulate your toddler.


One of the most effective ways to learn is to memorize the concepts through repetition and practice.

TinyGenius is a game that introduces the child into this important activity.

First words

Each card includes amusing sounds and the name of the object. In the animals category we include the animal’s sounds. In no time the child will learn his first words.


All sounds and texts in the flashcards are available in several languages and can be easily exchanged while using the app.

This feature will be appreciated by parents raising their child away from their home country, by couples of different nationalities or by parents interested in their child learning a new language from an early age.