Flashcards – FAQ

  • I can't hear any sounds. How do I fix it?
  • I'd like to give a review or feedback but I can't find where to do it.
  • Can I use this app to teach my class?

This app uses your device system speakers. Most times if you can’t hear the app sounds raising the system volume will solve the problem.

To leave a review you need to visit the app’s page on the App Store, find the review section and then tap the “write a review” button.

Good reviews (3 to 5 stars) help other parents or teachers to discover our app in the App Store but bad reviews do the opposite. If you think we can do a better job but don’t want to punish the app on the app stores please consider sending your comments through the contact page.

All comments will be consider to develop future and better versions of this app, we appreciate your feedback.

Click or tap the following iOS or Android to see quick GIF tutorials on how to review an app:

iOS · Android

Yes, you can. We recommend using big screen tablets or connecting your iOS or Android device to a projector.

You may find useful our Youtube channel if you’re working with a large group of children. Check it out here: TinyGenius Youtube Channel